FloPump - Centrifugal Blood Pump

FloPump - Direct replacement for Medtronic Bio-Pump Centrifugal Blood Pump

FloPump Centrifugal Blood Pump


The FloPump is a direct replacement for the Medtronic Bio-Pump Centrifugal Blood Pump. The pump is intended for use with the Medtronic BioMedicus Bio-Console.

The FloPump is a disposable, single-use item. It is manufactured from polycarbonate and is manufactured to the highest standards.

The FloPump has the lowest hemolysis of any centrifugal pump head on the market, and is aggressively priced to offer a considerable saving over competitors products. 

We are also able to offer the FloProbe which is featured below. Again, this is a direct substitute for the Medtronic product, offering a considerable cost-saving.

 FloProbe - Medtronic BioProbe Replacement:

FloProbe - BioProbe Substitute