FloProbe - BioProbe Substitute

FloProbe - Direct replacement for Medtronic Bio-Probe DP38.

FloProbe - BioProbe Substitute

The FloProbe is a direct replacement for the Medtronic Bio-Probe DP38 and is for use with the Medtronic BioMedicus Flow Pump System.

The FloProbe is a disposable, single-use item. It is manufactured from polycarbonate and is manufactured to the highest standards.

The FloProbe is aggressively priced to offer a considerable saving over all of our competitors products.

We are also able to offer the FloPump which is featured below. Again, this is a direct substitute for the Medtronic product, offering a considerable cost-saving.

FloPump Centrifugal Blood Pump:

FloPump Centrifugal Blood Pump