Diathermy Pencil with Smoke and Fluid Suction

Single-patient use, Diathermy Pencil device, with integrated smoke and fluid aspiration

Diathermy Pencil with Smoke and Fluid Aspiration

This Diathermy Pencil Device includes integrated Smoke and Fluid aspiration.

The Diathermy Pencil Device offers significant advantages over other products. This device has integrated telescoping Smoke and Fluid aspiration, integrated in the device. This eliminates the need for a separate suction device in the surgical field.

Smoke inhalation is proven to carry health risks for the surgeon, as well as theatre staff. The smoke contains toxic gases and vapours including benzene, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, and viruses.

Our device solves the problem of the smoke inhalation, while also allowing simultaneous aspiration of fluids, all integrated with the diathermy.

The PMOD diathermy with Smoke and Fluid Aspiration comes in three lengths, and has a standard ValleyLab connector.

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PMOD Sizes Standard Valleylab Connector Standard Suction Connector Telescoping Suction